By supporting property-related initiatives and investing in the community, Garamark will make a significant contribution to ensure the strength and stability of the communities in which they work.

Garamark Property Management continues to work with government agencies such as the Residential Tenancies Branch and the Province of Manitoba Minister of Housing to address issues of immediate concern such as rent regulation, By-law infractions, policy, discussions and more.

While Garamark continues to grow its outreach programs and its involvement in Winnipeg community initiatives, it is currently involved in the following:

  • Winnipeg Rental Network (WRN) Steering Committee - "WRN is a network of Public, Private and Community-based organizations that work to improve accessibility to, and tenancy in, affordable rental accommodation by promoting the best use of existing rental stock and housing programs."
  • Outreach to direct communications and policy discussions with governmental services such as Residential Tenancies Branch, Manitoba Hydro, City of Winnipeg.
  • Fire Rescue House - Garamark provides free property management for the upkeep and maintenance of Canada's first Fire Rescue House. View an article on the Fire Rescue House. In addition, Garamark is committed to working with affected families on sourcing alternate housing options (see a video of the Fire Rescue House)
  • Winnipeg Bedbug program - Garamark is extremely concerned about the growing problem of bedbugs in family dwellings and is committed to supporting bedbug awareness and educational programs in the community. To support this commitment, Garamark has developed a Bedbug Certification Program to provide peace of mind for its Winnipeg tenants.

Garamark Property Management continues to work directly with neighborhood associations in the core area of the city to address issues of immediate concern in their area. If you have an issue that you feel would fit with Garamark's commitment to clean and affordable Winnipeg housing, feel free to contact us at

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